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During the pandemic we have remained open for appointments although most are via telephone.  If you speak to a GP or nurse via telephone and they think you need to be seen in a face to face appointment they will make one for you.

If you are seen face to face the doctor or nurse will be wearing full protective clothing including a face mask.   We ask you to provide your own face covering when you attend.  This must be worn on entering the practice and not removed until you leave the premises.  These rules are for the protection of the patients and the staff.     Remember if one of our staff catches the virus we will all have to self isolate and the practice will have to close for two weeks.

There are other ways of accessing your GP or nurse to enable you to have an appointment without having to come into the surgery.

  • eConsultation – this is an on-line form for you to complete and available via our website. We will respond to you within 48 hours.  They are for non-urgent conditions.
  • Video consultations – we are using these when necessary for patients who need to be seen by the doctor or nurse but it is not essential for them to attend the practice in person.
  • Photographs – for minor skin lesions or rashes you will be asked to send in a photo via your phone.  This allows the clinician to view the skin condition and prescribe if needed without you having to come to the surgery.

During the pandemic we have allowed patients to order prescriptions via the telephone.  This will cease at the end of July when shielding is no longer essential.  If you are over 75 and/or housebound we still offer the service.   If you are not in this category you must start to order your prescriptions via the method you used before the pandemic ie via the NHS app or the surgery app, or bring your request into the practice and drop it into the prescription box in the foyer.

We are also offering batch ordering of prescriptions to eligible patients.  This allows your GP to order several months’ worth of your repeats without you having to order every month.   Not everyone is eligible but if this is of interest to you please contact the surgery and ask if you can use this service.

It will be some time before we are back to ‘normal’.    After each face to face appointment the rooms are thoroughly disinfected.  This means of course that we cannot offer as many face to face appointments as we did previously.

The hospitals are now taking referrals from your GP or nurse.  However they are in the same position as the practices and will be using  a variety of methods to consult with patients.   There will be longer waiting times for non-urgent referrals for some time.

It is important however that if you think you need to speak to a doctor or nurse, you contact the practice the same as you did before the pandemic.   Please don’t allow something minor to become something major by not speaking to a doctor or nurse.    We will assess your condition over the phone and you will be offered appropriate treatment.

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